BARKLEY Architectural Consulting Services, LLC  can serve as a valuable partner in assisting with assessing, identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and solving potential or existing physical deficiencies at real property.

‘We are a licensed and insured firm providing a wide range of professional architectural design and due diligence consulting services nationally to the Real Estate Industry’.

Barkley - Architectural Consulting Services, LLC.

Why Choose BARKLEY Architectural Consulting Services, LLC

 We are confident in our abilities to provide professional assessment and design services required by our clients. 

We understand the critical nature of meeting project schedules, deadlines and budgets. 

​We also understand the importance of timely and expedient communication, the delivery of accurate real-time information in formats that work for our clients, quality reports and construction documentation that will assist in the bidding and repair programs initiated on behalf of our clientele. 

BARKLEY Architectural Consulting Services, LLC  has developed Professional Services sensitive to the demands of the real estate and financial markets.  The programs are especially designed to meet the needs of local and national firms with single or multi-site portfolios.  These programs have provided real estate owners with the highest level of service throughout the nation. 

BARKLEY Architectural Consulting Services, LLC’s    management is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and in particular to ensure that adequate staff resources are devoted to our projects.